This salad was inspired by my recent visit to an ancient town in Turkey called Kusadasi! A gorgeous seaside resort on the Aegean Sea located near the historical city of Ephesus. Rich fields of olive trees, grape vines, fig, peach, apricot & apple trees surround this scenic city. Cuisine of Kusadasi is very much influenced [...]


~Turkish Tea or Chai – Çay~

by Sara Hafiz on March 28, 2010

♦ ♦ ♥ Turkish tea or Chai-Çay is a popular beverage in Turkey. Tea is an important part of the Turkish culture. Offering tea or coffee is considered to be a sign of hospitality at homes, even in bazaars and shops. I remember walking around in the mother of all bazaars , The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Grand Bazar is one of the [...]


~Lentil Soup w/Baby Spinach~

by Sara Hafiz on March 25, 2010

♦ ♥ This Soup was inspired by a similar lentil soup  I had when I last visited the mystical & ancient city of Constantinople also known as Istanbul. This is a traditional Turkish Lentil Soup but I added baby spinach for freshness and besides I love baby spinach. Also this soup can be a  great meal with some Turkish sesame bread on a brisk day [...]


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