Oranges are in season and oh my what a variety to choose from the market! I love clemetines, which are such a pleasure to eat, easy to peel and great snack on the go! My kids go through an entire box within few days. I also am intrigued by the blood oranges! Man o man, [...]


This salad was inspired by my recent visit to an ancient town in Turkey called Kusadasi! A gorgeous seaside resort on the Aegean Sea located near the historical city of Ephesus. Rich fields of olive trees, grape vines, fig, peach, apricot & apple trees surround this scenic city. Cuisine of Kusadasi is very much influenced [...]


I love going to my local gourmet markets and discovering new products. I recently discovered Yellowish Orangish Beets & Ruby Red Grapefruits. I had to bring the  Beets & the Grapefruits home. While driving home I started planning how I would utilize these beauties to the fullest, and that’s when I started dreaming about roasting [...]


♦ ♦ salad recipe adapeted from Claudia Roden’s The New Book Of Middle Eastern Food fresh homemade ricotta recipe from ♦ As you can tell I am on a healthy salad kick. I am trying all kinds of new salads lately I guess it’s spring and I’m thinking about trying to lose those darn 5-8lbs that I have [...]


~ ~ ~ Yes I know what you are thinking, all salads are heart healthy. Well I called this “heart healthy” because this salad happens to be my Cardiologist hubby’s favorite salad. Since he is a Cardiologist, he is always preaching his “heart healthiness” to yours truly. He especially likes this salad because it has all [...]


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