Easy Peasy Boneless Chicken Byriani

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by Sara Hafiz on August 18, 2010

Easy Peasy Byriani you ask?! I say Yes, its so easy that a toddler can make it…well not really, its not that easy! All kidding aside this Byriani recipe is quite simple to make. I love taking a complex recipe and simplifying it so it is much easier to make. I used all of the [...]


~Simple Stir Fry Chicken w/ Steamed Rice~

by Sara Hafiz on March 11, 2010

~ ~ This simple stir fry dish is well very simple to make. It has evolved over the years. I make this at my home about twice a week, my kids love this dish. I feel good about feeding them the stir fry chicken since its healthy & nutritious for them. How many kids do [...]


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