Spring has sprung and you can see a bounty of these gorgeous seasonal asparagus everywhere. I have finally learned to use only seasonal vegetables for the maximum flavor & taste. Seasonal fruits & vegetables are  also a lot better for us nutritionally and not to mention much easier on the wallet. Asparagus is one of [...]


Thirty Minute Pasta by Giuliano Hazan You are probably thinking why is there a melon in this pasta recipe- I say try this recipe especially when you have a dinner party!  Try to have your guests figure out what’s the prominent flavor in the sauce. I bet  your guests won’t be able to guess! According [...]


I love anything roasted in tomatoes, olives & capers. I have had roasted cod at a local Sicilian restaurant which is one of my favorite dishes on the menu! I love the taste of roasted cod in a spicy tomato sauce that has a tangy kick of olives & capers. I use capers & olives [...]


Trecce Di Giulieta means “Braids of Juliette” is a Rustic Italian Pasta made by an Italian company by the name of Castellana. It comes from the town of Apulia, the ‘heel’ of Italy. This Rustic Italian Pasta is made with durum semolina flour, spring water and sea salt. The unique shapes of Castellana pastas allows [...]


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