Toledo, Spain was once the capital city, and  now a World Heritage Site. Toledo is only 2 hours train ride from Madrid. We took the AVE Train from Attocha Train Station and in just few hours we arrived at this medieval city! Toledo still retains the atmosphere and aura which are characteristic of so many [...]


Figs topped with orange blossom honey and roasted walnuts, pure Heaven!!! When I visited Morocco this past June, I saw bounty of beautiful figs in every Souk ~ a market in Arabic.  I learned that Moroccans love figs and use it in many desserts. They also believe that figs aid digestion so, when in season, [...]


Aaah Summer! I can’t believe that summer is almost over and I still did not buy an ice cream maker. Every time I visit my local Williams-Sonoma, I find myself just staring at the ice cream makers! In my day-dream mode I try to imagine all of the yummy ice cream, gelato, & sorbets I [...]


~Thai Coconut Dessert~Kanom Tuy~

by Sara on March 17, 2010

~ ~ ~ Kanom Tuy, is a  Thai coconut dessert. Everytime I go to a Thai restaurant, I look forward to having this particular dessert. So far the best Kanom Tuy that I had was in Chabaa Thai Restaurant, in Manyunk, a chic trendy neighborhood of Philadelphia. I think it’s a special item, not always on the menu. It’s usually presented warm with a tropical fruit like freshly [...]


Crepes w/Nutella & Fresh Berries

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by Sara on March 3, 2010


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