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I am so excited to participate and join my friends Prerna, Barb, & Kathy in a wonderful event called Indian Food Palooza, where bloggers can post their Indian cuisine inspired recipes and most exciting of all, win a gift!! So go ahead and click here to join Prerna, Barb, & Kathy and post the best [...]


Spicy Beets & Carrot Curry in Coconut Milk

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by Sara Hafiz on February 23, 2012

My new year’s resolution about becoming a vegetarian started on a tempting & non-vegetarian note. You see I was vacationing in Dubai around new year’s eve and was enticed every single day with an abundance of irresistible foods from around the globe! Dubai has the most eclectic variety of ethnic restaurants, which I absolutely adored. [...]


Spicy Bengali Fish Curry

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by Sara Hafiz on January 31, 2011

My friend Lani has been generous agian for teaching me such a flavorful & tasty Bengali fish curry. I found this recipe to be very simple to make yet the results are mouthwatering! Below is her version of the recipe and its origin. Thank you Lani for your contribution! As much as Bengalis, originally from [...]


Homemade Paneer Grilled Kabobs in Spicy & Tangy Moroccan Chermoula Sauce served with Easy and Quick Homemade Naan We have started a tradition in our family that we will celebrate the start of a new week with a grand Meatless Mondays feast. Everyone in my household usually has the Mondays Blues. Since I can’t  change [...]


I don’t know about you but dal is a comfort food to me, not to mention a healthy & tasty choice of protein. One of my new year’s resolutions are that I will consume less meat and more veggies, beans & lentils. If you think about it it’s not such a difficult task, since lentils [...]


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