Grilled Shrimp Mediterranean Salad

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by Sara Hafiz on March 20, 2012

Summer has arrived…in March you say? Well it sure does feel like summer, sunny & 75 degrees everyday, makes your brain confused and one starts to daydream about barbeques, salads, refreshing drinks, etc. I happen to love salads all year long but especially in the summer when you can add grilled ingredients to enhance the [...]


Santorini, Greece

by Sara Hafiz on February 24, 2010

  Santorini has to be the most breathtaking place on earth. I mean at first your eyes cannot register the extreme beauty of Santorini. No wonder great poets have sung its praises, about 4.000 year ago. Santorini is a unique and very special island because of its natural beauty, the incredible view of the caldera, the famous sunset and the luxurious resorts situated [...]

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Athens, Greece

by Sara Hafiz on February 24, 2010

    In Athens, more than 3000 years ago  during the prehistoric times its first inhabitants created their first settlement on the rock of Acropolis. It took hundreds of years until the sacred rock of Acropolis find its glory during the golden age of Pericles 495 – 429 BC with the construction of most of its Monuments [...]


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