November 2010

I don’t know about you but in my family we always make two separate potato side dishes for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Mashed potatoes are a must but a roasted potatoes side dish is  always present on the menu. I think my mom started making a roasted potatoes for my dad who is not too fond [...]


Of course Turkey is the Ahem…King {or Queen} of one of my most favorite holidays, Thanksgiving! My mom & I have the same conversation about this time every year…”what sides should we make with our turkey?” We always end up making the same ole sides every single year, which I love, especially my mom’s bread [...]


Toledo, Spain was once the capital city, and  now a World Heritage Site. Toledo is only 2 hours train ride from Madrid. We took the AVE Train from Attocha Train Station and in just few hours we arrived at this medieval city! Toledo still retains the atmosphere and aura which are characteristic of so many [...]


Thirty Minute Pasta by Giuliano Hazan You are probably thinking why is there a melon in this pasta recipe- I say try this recipe especially when you have a dinner party!  Try to have your guests figure out what’s the prominent flavor in the sauce. I bet  your guests won’t be able to guess! According [...]


I’m always experimenting with combining different flavors together. I love the complex flavors of Thai cuisine which manage to always tantalize our taste buds with spicy, sour, salty & sweet goodness. Now pair these distinct flavors with juicy &  succulent flavors of lamb, it was a match made in heaven. I feel fortunate to live [...]


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