~Simply Le Magnifique Paris~

by Sara on March 3, 2010

Aaahhh Paris, what can I say about Paris that you haven’t already heard before. Paris is a feeling of Passion, this feeling permeates through the entire city. It’s beauty is breathtaking and it’s culture is so deeply rooted in it’s art, fashion & world class cuisine. At times, Paris can feel overwhelming, the greatness of its monuments like the marvels of the Panthéon, the industrial chic of the Eiffel Tower and the almost spiritual glasswork of the Louvre pyramid.

The Louvre is is one of the largest palaces in the world and, as a former residence of the kings of France.. It’s  the best example of traditional French architecture since the Renaissance, and it houses a magnificent collection of ancient and Western art. The Louvre was originally built in the 12th century as a royal castle to help defend Paris against Viking, Norman, and English attacks. It went through many metamorphoses until it was finally opened as a museum of art in 1793 shortly after the end of the French Revolution. The complex of buildings was turned over entirely to art and culture in 1882. The Louvre became one of the world’s largest and most popular art galleries and museums, housing masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, Matise, Rodin, & artwork from many more world renowned artists.
~Mona Lisa~
~Venus De Milo~
Notre Dame Church. The gothic look of Notre-Dame dominates the Seine River , as well as the history of Paris. On the spot where this majestic cathedral now stands, the Romans had built a temple to Jupiter, which was followed by a Christian basilica and then a Romanesque church. The appearance of the interior was tremendously transformed in the mid-13th century when the small windows typical of the Early Gothic style were enlarged downward and filled with High Gothic look.

Paris is known for its cafés & bistros. Locals  spend hours sitting in terraces, chatting with friends, watching people passing by, while sipping a  cup of coffee & enjoying a Brioche or a Croissant..Oh my. This friendly activity is one of their favorites, Its always fun to people watch, don’t you agree. Especially the oh so stylsih French!  Neighborhoods like the  district of Saint-Germain & the Latin Quarter are a chic trendy areas of Paris where there are many Cafe’s, Restuarants, Galleries, Boutiques &  outdoor markets that sell fresh produce, cheese & wine. These two neighborhoods are my personal favorites. I spent many hours just wandering & discovering these vibarnat neighborhoods. Don’t forget to stop for a Crepe or a Pastry in Pattiserie!

One of Paris’s best-loved bakeries, Poilane hasn’t changed much since it opened in 1932. I made sure that I visited this legendary bakery. I wanted to taste and admire the beautiful Poilane bread decorated with simple designs of leaves and flowers that’ll make you want to stay in Paris forever. Specialties include apple tarts, butter cookies, and  sourdough loaf cooked in a wood-burning oven. Breads can be specially wrapped to stay fresh during your journey home! Paris is truly a wonderful city, you will fall in love & would want to go back again & again. Happy Traveling!

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Velva March 5, 2010 at 12:35 pm

No question….Paris is divine!

Beaulotus March 5, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Another lesser known bread is le pain Moisan which I find is just as good as the Poilane. It’s organic and absolutely delicious. They only have one boutique and it’s at Denfert-Rochereau in Paris.

I have lived many years in Paris and love the city too. We still have a flat just a few minutes’ walk from the Arc de Triomphe.

onetribegourmet March 5, 2010 at 11:19 pm

thank you! I did not know about le pain Maison. Next time in Paris I will be sure try the bread.

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