March 2010

Rustic Fruit Tart

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by Sara Hafiz on March 30, 2010

recipe adapted from the William Sonoma book, Fruit Desserts I am not a baker by any means. There are so many wonderful and competent bakers out there who have inspired me to start my hand in baking. I have always wanted to try baking but I did not think I could be good at it. [...]


♦ ♦ salad recipe adapeted from Claudia Roden’s The New Book Of Middle Eastern Food fresh homemade ricotta recipe from ♦ As you can tell I am on a healthy salad kick. I am trying all kinds of new salads lately I guess it’s spring and I’m thinking about trying to lose those darn 5-8lbs that I have [...]


~Turkish Tea or Chai – Çay~

by Sara Hafiz on March 28, 2010

♦ ♦ ♥ Turkish tea or Chai-Çay is a popular beverage in Turkey. Tea is an important part of the Turkish culture. Offering tea or coffee is considered to be a sign of hospitality at homes, even in bazaars and shops. I remember walking around in the mother of all bazaars , The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Grand Bazar is one of the [...]


~Grilled Eggplant with a Spicy Tomato Sauce~

by Sara Hafiz on March 28, 2010

♦ ♥ Recipe adapted from Author Claudia Roden’sThe New Book of Middle Eastern Food I am always looking for new eggplant recipes. I love eggplants. I think that eggplants are the most versatile of a  vegetable around. I use them in so many different dishes and eggplants are also International. They are used vastly in Italian, Greek, [...]


~Lentil Soup w/Baby Spinach~

by Sara Hafiz on March 25, 2010

♦ ♥ This Soup was inspired by a similar lentil soup  I had when I last visited the mystical & ancient city of Constantinople also known as Istanbul. This is a traditional Turkish Lentil Soup but I added baby spinach for freshness and besides I love baby spinach. Also this soup can be a  great meal with some Turkish sesame bread on a brisk day [...]


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